Guest Comment on Gov. Christie’s Diet Plan

Here is a comment from one of Smith’s Cadre of Regulars on Gov. Christie’s Education Cuts. 

There are too many people who like to shoot their mouths off or from the hip—and they don’t know Diddley! Christie has greater ambitions, unfortunately he will encounter the Santa Clause Effect.  Santa is the only big guy people like and trust.  Actually, when he comes under scrutiny with a demanding media he won’t be able to bully people. He talks tough, but it feels and appears to be so very highly political.  He had non-specific ideas just a basic concept of things and articulates them in ways that are simplistic  but sells in the media and  the land of ten second sound bites.  See, when he cut state school funding in NJ, it was a costs shift from the state to the locals which only worsened the disparity between the wealthier school districts and the poor ones. In towns like mine  which is a pretty good area  my property taxes increased—but our community can afford it.  Lesser communities may have to wrestle with choices ranging from academic programs  to extra curriculum activities.  Politically he can say he cut spending, but it came at the costs of impacting education for the children.  I just don’t see how that is such a great accomplishment.  And now he has a platform to advance his political career because everybody is patting him on the back.  His confidence has grown.  Do you remember the poor and non-descript campaign he ran?  He is a new man now beaming with confidence.


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