Smith’s Flood Event Risk Grading:Negative (-1) for Parts of NYS/PA

Smith’s Flood Event Risk Grading is (-1) Negative for Appalachian Region of New York State and Binghamton, New York, as well as the Wilkesboro/Scranton area of Pennsylvania.   Smith’s Flood Event Risk Grading o(-1) continues for Connecticut Rivers.

The fight to save the homes along the Delaware and in the Catskill Mountains is reaching the point of desperation.  “It rained all last night,” a portfolio manager said, “and it continued to rain this morning.  The water has gone over the tops of bridges and when the electricity was cut, the four pumps failed and my neightbor’s house flooded.”

Associated Press reported that Broome County has issued an evacuation alert early Thursday morning for residents living in a neighborhood where the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers converge. Other sections of the city’s downtown were evacuated Wednesday night as heavy rains caused flooding.

The NYS  Thruway Authority announced it closed Interstate 87’s southbound lanes because of flooding at Exit 17 in Newburgh. The NYS Thruway Auth. also expects to close a 105-mile stretch of Interstate 90 where it runs along the Mohawk River, which has overflowed its banks in some areas. State Troopers say the highway remains open but Exits 27, 28 and 29 are closed.


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