The Global Economic Doctor

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The Global Economic Doctor                                       – Click link for a quick checkup.


We are proud to be able to offer the thoughts and written works of Scott MacDonald, Ph.D. as the Chief Economist at Smith’s Research & Gradings.   Dr. MacDonald has U.S. government, investment bank, and asset management experience as well as keeping a finger in the academic world.  He’s refreshingly honest, while being intelligently sophisticated – we cannot promise that you will always agree with his opinions, but we are confident that you will find it is time well spent.

Yes, the Global Economic Doctor is “In”.  He dissects three major bodies in the inaugural edition: Brazil, the U.S. Economy and Coal.  Topics so toxic that most chief economists resort to babbling platitudes designed to assuage the fears of the great unwashed masses.  He won’t insult your intelligence by telling you the U.S. Treasury is triple-A rated and everything is going to be “okay” in Brazil because China is a willing buyer of all commodities.

Think of Scott MacDonald as the consummate professional to add depth to your bench of investment professionals. We like to think of him as the engaging dinner companion you bring along for an evening out in New York or London with prospects or long-term clients.

Smith’s Research & Gradings provides the intelligence gathering, cogent analytics, and knowledge-based event risks that support the Doctor’s work and can nourish your understanding.  Moreover, Smith’s Sovereign Gradings can provide radical transparency into cross-border decision making.


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